Bio (English)

In 1984 moves to Usa where he will attend the
prestigious Berklee College Of Music that is
where his actual career as a professional musician
Rich collaborations with renown R&B artists such
as Sax Gordon, Little Joe Cook and The Thrillers,
Earing George, Josè Ramos, Buddy Jhonson,
Luther Jr Johnson and many others.
Many awards and nominations , first of all as Best
Blues Band in Boston with Weeping Willie and the
All Star Band.
For about a decade he is back and fourth between
Usa and Europe until he definitely reenters in
Italy/Europe, given also by his love for Gypsy
In the old continent he will collaborate with
artists such as Maurizio Geri, Enzo Biondi, The
Winterstain, Lou Colombo, Nico Magalotti, Piero
Pelù, X Jam Band and the Divas, James
Thompson, Lisa Hunt, Luca Giordano, Sharon
Lewis, Gianna Cerchier and many more, whom he
will share stages and recordings.
Will work on various styles and projects that will
coordinate in first person or as sideman with
colleagues oh high artistic quality.
2001 is first solo recording with Blue Gadjo
“Crocicchio”, will get great critics. Will follow with
touring and more collaborations.
2011 is second recording “Sogno Toscano”, that
will get rewarded by the jury of Premio Tenco,
with his well known band Coguari di Cinta.
2013 he will be invited by a private association in
Mozambico, Africa. here, he will work in shows as
a frontman with local musician.
His last work will see the light in consequences of
his travels and collaborations in three different
continents; completely in English to stratify the
artistic union between all places on Earth.